Where is God?

Have you heard or asked this question recently?

Where is God in our troubles?
Where is He when we’re hurting and need Him?
Where is He when unexpected illness or death hits our families?
Where is God when things are going the complete opposite of how we think they should go?
Where is He when sin-ridden men walk into churches and murder people?
Where is He when our government makes rulings that defy the will of the people and our society boldly rejoices and partakes in practices that are in direct opposition to the Word of God?

Why do these things happen?
Why does God seem silent?
I thought He was supposed to be good?!

Psalm 115:3 holds the answer:
“But our God is in the heavens: he hath done whatsoever he hath pleased.”

This isn’t to say that God is pleased with sin. To the contrary, the Bible tells us that He is angry with the wicked every day.
This verse isn’t saying that God takes pleasure in causing us pain either.

This verse is reassuring us that God is working everything out according to His perfect will and owes us absolutely no explanation.

For the child of God, this is such a comforting truth.
We don’t serve a god that can be reasoned with or caused to change his mind, but our God is almighty, all wise, and changes not.
Everything we see or face is in the hand of the One who knows the end from the beginning and has promised to work all things together for good to them that love Him.

A potter doesn’t create a piece of pottery and reason with it and explain where it will sit or what it will be used for. He makes it with a purpose for its use in mind…and then does what he wants with it.
And it is his right to do so.

God is our Potter, and we are the clay. No matter what men may think, He does not need our suggestions or assistance. He is creating His masterpiece and needs no input from us whatsoever.
And as the Creator of all things, it is well within His right to do so.

Sometimes a potter’s hand will slip or cause a flaw in the design that needs to be corrected.
The notable distinction about our Potter is that He makes no mistakes. His design is perfect and without any flaw.
To the clay, the process may be painful and unpleasant, but it can’t see the end result.

We may not understand why things happen in our lives, our families, our society, our nation…but these things are no surprise to God, nor do they hinder His design.
We just can’t see the end result.
But He can.

Next time someone comes to you with this question or you’re tempted to ask it yourself, before accusing God of being absent or disconnected, remember Psalm 115:3.

“But God is in the heavens: he hath done whatsoever he hath pleased.”

There are times in this life when fear is so heavy, and burdens weigh on your mind. You are weak in the knee and no strength can you find, but hold on – Help’s right on time. My Jesus is always in time.

And though you may see a valley, He sees the mountain you’ll be standing on. When all you can see are the tears falling down, I’m so glad He sees what we don’t.


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