Streams in the Desert

Have you ever felt dry? thirsty? empty? exhausted? alone? barren? We’ve already compared certain seasons in our lives to storms…but what about deserts? Aren’t they applicable as well? Deserts are usually large. When standing on the edge and looking out across a desert, you can’t see the other side. How far it stretches, you aren’t … More Streams in the Desert

A Modest Heart

Happy first day of Summer!! The warm air has been here in the South for a while, but now it’s official! I’m more of an autumn person myself, but I must admit, there’s just something about summer… đŸ™‚ This seems as good a time as any to have a conversation about modesty. I like to … More A Modest Heart

Sing Him a Song

Patience and acceptance are often very hard things…. Patience to wait while God is working and acceptance that your present situation is His will for you, at least for the moment. Some days –you know, those “big faith” days– it’s no problem. We’re happy and content and resting in the knowledge that God is doing … More Sing Him a Song