A Valentine’s Day to Remember

Ah, Valentine’s Day.

A day when love is in the air and on tv screens and over the air waves.

A day most couples enjoy and most single people loathe.

Whether you fall into the “Love” category or the “Loathe” category, let me tell you why, at least for our family, this day is and always will be special.

We aren’t big lovey people in our house when it comes to this day. I guess we’re past that magical number of years married where we care about Valentine’s. In fact, I’m going to meet a friend for an early dinner tonight and leaving my husband at home by himself. Aren’t I sweet?

But today is special, and because of this day, we’ll celebrate every February 14 from here on out.

We received word this afternoon that as of today, Mac’s adoption is officially finalized!

We’ve had a son since June 10, 2018 when he was born…but as of February 14, 2019, we officially and legally have a son. My eyes have been leaking since we got the news, and we couldn’t be more excited or thankful.

So yes, today, I have love on the brain.

Love for the precious little boy God has given to us.

Love for the mother who delivered her baby, gave him a snuggle and a kiss, and put him into my arms so I could become a mother.

Love for my Heavenly Father who gives me all the good and perfect gifts I’ve ever received.

And I do love my husband too. 😉

So, if you loathe this day, from now on, you can love it and celebrate it with us, not as Valentine’s Day, but as Adoption Day. ❤️


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