No More Waiting

Two years ago today, my husband and I announced to our friends that we had begun the adoption process with a Christian agency. So much has happened since then… We had several setbacks due to things out of our control, and we felt as though things progressed at a snail’s pace. Since finally completing our … More No More Waiting

Made for More

Have you ever wondered what your true calling in life is? What you were born or made to do? Perhaps you’ve found your niche professionally. You have a job you love and really achieve in your role. Maybe you aren’t currently in that place, but you are in the pursuit of it. Maybe your dream … More Made for More

Peace Like a River

It’s quiet around my house today. Of course, there is the hum of the refrigerator, the passing sound of a loud engine down on the road, and the occasional bark from our coon dog who has spotted a squirrel, but other than that…it is quiet. I thoroughly enjoy quiet days. In the midst of our … More Peace Like a River