Reflections on a Snowy Day (Part 2)

One year ago today, I wrote *this post* reflecting on the snow we received and an empty snowsuit taking up room in our nursery. I dreamed of the day we would have use for it, and get to make our own cute family pictures in the snow.

So much can change in a year.

This weekend, over 16 inches of snow was dumped on our little neck of the woods. As I stayed inside, cooked, cleaned, and snuggled my little, all I could think about was that snowsuit and the dreams I held on to for so long.

Today, our little man is six months old. He’s been in this world for half a year, and my heart still can’t believe the goodness of God to our family.

Today, we took him outside to get some pictures of his first snow. I couldn’t use the snowsuit I had last year because he’s already too big for it, but our little baby bear was snuggled up in a new one and ready to make memories.

Today, I thought about last year as I finally held those dreams in my arms, and I wept at the sweetness of my Father to give me my heart’s desire.

We played, we laughed, we smiled for pictures, and in my heart, I worshipped the One who made it all possible.

Who made my dreams a reality.

Who made me a mama.

Whatever you’re longing to see happen in your life, take it from someone who has been there… don’t give up hope. You may be waiting ten years like I did, but keep trusting God. His plans are perfect, and His timing is perfect.

Don’t give up.

So much can change in a year. 💙


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