An Anniversary Recap

Today marks one decade.

10 years.

120 months.

521 weeks.

3,652 days.

87,600 hours.

5,256,000 minutes.

315,360,000 seconds.

This includes many days of laughter and many nights of tears.

We’ve had countless church services, prayers, and time spent in worship together.

We’ve been to a few funerals, several weddings, and some hospitals.

We’ve spent weeks traveling out west or up north, and we have made more friends than we can count.

We’ve faced many dark days, but God’s grace was so abundant.

We’ve walked through a valley that I was often afraid would swallow me up, but with the Lord’s help, we’ve come out the other side together and stronger than when we entered.

We’ve known pain, heartache, and loss, but we’ve also known joy, love, and hope.

We’ve had many kisses, a few arguments, 4 homes (2 super temporary and 2 real homes), 4 vehicles, and 5 dogs. There has been 7 hospital stays, 3 bear encounters, 2 speeding tickets, and 1 real Christmas tree.

We spent so many of these years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and seconds praying to become parents, and we saw the answer to that prayer come alive less than 3 weeks ago.

Our life has not been at all what I imagined it would be, but it is so much more beautiful than what I imagined. God’s plans have once again proven to be better than anything I could have come up with, and I am so blessed to get to walk through this life with the one He chose just for me, truly my other and better half in every way.

Though so many of these days were spent thinking differently, God showed me recently what a precious gift we were given in that He allowed us to have a few weeks shy of a complete decade spent with just the two of us together. In my plans, we would have only been married a year or so before having children, but God gave us ten years to have fun, date, and just enjoy being with one another. Today, I can’t imagine it having gone any other way.

He knows what we need when we don’t. He knew we needed infertility, though I didn’t want it. He knew we needed all this time with each other, though I didn’t understand it. He knew we needed Mac and Mac needed us, though I never expected it…and He knew we needed Him to get through it all.

His plans are higher, greater, and beyond our understanding….and they’re completely perfect.

As we step into this great parenting adventure and the next chapter of our lives, I can’t wait to see what the next decade brings.

Happy anniversary, my love.


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