Reflections on a Snowy Day

Ah, Snow.

As much as I love autumn and all its colors and activities, I also love winter and the lack of activity it brings.

We received an early Christmas present in the mountains this weekend…almost a foot of beautiful, wet snow. It was the kind of snow that is perfect for making snowballs and building snowmen.

I’ve written about it here before, but in case you’re new to the blog, I love snow. Seriously. Being from Georgia, I never saw too much of it growing up. Every now and then, we would get a little bit, but it was rarely anything to write home about. (Of course, they got more than we did this weekend!) One of the many things that made me excited and eager to move to the mountains was the ability to see more snow….and it hasn’t disappointed.

I love watching it fall and quietly coat everything in pure white. I love how it makes everything look clean and brand new. I love taking the first steps into several inches of fresh snow. I love how it makes us slow down and stay home for a day or two. I seriously love snow.

I also love seeing everyone’s pictures of their yards and their kids or grandkids all bundled up and making memories in the snow. As I was scrolling through Facebook and Instagram this weekend and saw all the smiling, happy faces, I smiled too….but I couldn’t help but think of this gray and white striped snowsuit sitting in a drawer in our nursery.

This past spring, I had a friend give me this sweet little snowsuit for our little one someday. At the time, we were very close to having our home study completed, and all of our family and friends were confident we wouldn’t be waiting long. I’m sure when my friend gave me this outfit, she expected us to have a baby in it this winter. I know that’s what I thought.

But here we are. Our first big snow for this winter…and instead of showing you a picture of our little one smiling in their first snowsuit, I pulled it out to take a picture, and gently returned it to its drawer.

I know God’s timing is perfect, and He makes no mistakes. I know He has a purpose for everything He does and everything He allows. I know these things…but as my husband and I were goofing off in the snow the other day, I was thinking of this snowsuit.

My heart is comforted by the thought that winter isn’t over. In fact, it is just beginning. I may yet get to take a picture of our baby in their first snow….or I may not. Either way, I know that my God reigns and is working His will in our lives, and I believe one day, He will bring us a child.

Until then, we pray, we hope, we enjoy the beauty around us, and we keep the snowsuit on call. 🙂


One thought on “Reflections on a Snowy Day

  1. This blessed and broke my heart all at the same time. I used to keep a pair of little camo pants, I had secretly bought at Walmart in a drawer in my room. Every now and again, I’d pull them out and think of how a little boy would be running through the yard, I kept them a while, but then, we still could not conceive, and in anger I threw them away. Today, hanging in a little closet in the room across the hall, are two little camo shirts, with butterflies and purple bows. How I wish I would have had your outlook and spirit during those times of waiting. I am praying so very hard that the Lord gives you a child.

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