Making God Smile…and a Prayer for Mother’s Day

I’ve seen and heard many cliché statements about God over the years (and I’m sure you have too) that have no Biblical foundation whatsoever.
I saw one this week, however, that made my wheels begin to turn.
It referred to God smiling.
I began to think…

Can we make God smile?
If the church at Laodecia could make Him want to be sick (Revelation 3), and if He is our Great High Priest who is touched by our pain (Hebrews 4:15), and if He is our Father and we are His children, then it stands to reason that we could make Him smile at times as well, right?
I asked my husband this question, and he just chuckled and said, “I guess so.”
Thanks for the help, Honey. 😘

After arriving at this conclusion, I began to wonder what makes God smile?
My mind went to different people facing different circumstances in Scripture who I believed made God smile.

*Abraham was willing to sacrifice his son at God’s word because he believed the promises God had made and that He would raise Isaac from the dead. (Read more about that here.)
*The 3 Hebrew children refused to bow to an idol, knowing it would cost them a trip into the furnace. (Daniel 3)
*Job had enough confidence in God that though he had lost everything and was covered in painful sores from head to toe, he was able to say, “Though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him.” (Job 13:15)
*The Shunammite woman was on her way to see the man of God after her son had just died and had enough faith to say, “It is well.” (2 Kings 4)
*Paul and Silas had been beaten and thrown into the deepest part of the prison, yet they were able to sing praises unto God. (Acts 16)

Do you see a common thread here?
In all these instances that may have evoked a smile on the face of God, there was suffering and pain involved.

When we lean on Jesus in the middle of our sorrows, I believe He smiles.

Though these times were all difficult, do you think any of them regretted it after the fact?
*God sent an angel to stop the hand of Abraham and provided a ram for the offering.
*The 3 Hebrew children were not burned by the flames, but were able to walk around in them with Jesus.
*Job came out of his trial and had everything restored to him and more. His faith and trust in God had not been misplaced.
*Elisha went back to the Shunammite woman’s home and her son was raised from the dead.
*God sent an earthquake that shook the prison bars loose and the jailer and his whole family were saved.

The times of sorrow and pain become an Ebenezer in our lives and are times we will never forget. We will always be able to look back and say, “Hitherto hath the Lord helped us.” (1 Samuel 7)

Perhaps you may have struggled with infertility or the loss of a child, and you have had your story and pain redeemed.
This Mother’s Day, you will be able to spend the day with your children and are praising God for His goodness to you and your family.
You’re looking back on your Ebenezer and are so grateful for the help found in Jesus.
We rejoice with you!

Maybe you never knew the intense struggle and heartbreak that accompanies the unfulfilled longing for children. Maybe God graciously allowed you to grow your family without tests and tears.
You hold those babies, love them, wipe noses, dry tears, kiss boo-boos, love them, spend sleepless nights, teach the ABCs and how to count, worry, love them, pray with them, pray for them, tell them about Jesus, and love them.
You have the greatest job in the world, and we rejoice with you as well!

Perhaps you are dealing with infertility or the loss of a child or even singleness this Mother’s Day.
The ‘everydays’ are hard enough and the holidays are worse.
You’re walking right through the middle of your sorrow and pain and are anxiously awaiting the redemption of your story.
Hold your head up high, dear sister.
You have not been forgotten!

I used to think I had to stand strong through my pain. If I kept a stiff upper lip and an unquivering chin, I was succeeding. (That was back when I believed that lie that God wouldn’t give me more than I can handle…but that’s another story for another day.)
Because of this, I constantly felt like a failure. I was a failure as a woman because I couldn’t bear children, and now I was a failure as a person because I couldn’t deal.
Thankfully, the Lord showed me that trying to stand tall with a burden on my back that was crushing me was not what I was supposed to do. In fact, it was impossible.
He gave me circumstances bigger than me so I could run to the One bigger than my circumstances. I couldn’t walk or even crawl under the weight of my sorrow, so I gave it to Him.
Today, He carries it and carries me…and He smiles.

Maybe you are looking forward to celebrating with your little or not-so-little ones tomorrow.
Maybe the joy is overshadowed for you by the loss of a child.
Maybe you can’t celebrate at all.
Maybe you’ll pull out the waterproof mascara tomorrow and put it to the test.

In whichever category you may find yourself – a mother with children or one who loves with a mother’s heart, remember that leaning on Jesus is all that’s required on this day and every other day.

Oh, and the quote I read that got my wheels to turning?
This was it:
“She loved with a mother’s heart, and God smiled.”

So simple, and so beautiful.

I want to walk through my sorrows in a way that will make my Father smile.
For all the mothers and the mother hearts, this is my prayer for you as well.

Happy Mother’s Day. ♡


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