A Valentine’s Memory

Seven years ago, I celebrated my first Valentine’s Day.
Until then, I passed this day with friends, coffee, and a shopping trip.
You know…just the pick-me-up essentials. 😉
I never spent it with a boyfriend because I never had one.
I spent years praying that God would keep me hidden until that special man arrived.

In January of 2007, I started courting this man that in the past few months I had grown to love.
The whole relationship thing was new to both of us.
While we were figuring out how this whole thing worked, we decided to tell anyone who asked, “I like her, she likes me back, and we’re sitting together.” 💕
I wasn’t sure how this Valentine’s Day was going to go or what to expect.
We’d officially been a couple for just over a month, and to say I was excited is an understatement.

We didn’t have college classes that week due to a conference at the church, so we had planned to go to dinner (with a chaperone, of course – one of my roommates and best friends was always up for the job! 😉) before the service that evening.
I was pecking out a song on the piano in a Sunday School room when this handsome man dressed in a suit and red tie came walking in the room carrying a white teddy bear that had been sprayed with his cologne and he was smiling at me like I was the most beautiful woman in the world. ☺️💜

A lot has changed since that day.
I’m now married to this handsome man who can still make me feel like I’m the most beautiful woman in the world in his eyes….not just on the “special” days, but everyday.
He is a true gift from God that make my days much brighter.
He’s my Valentine all year long.


This bear has definitely seen better days, but it’s tattered state is evidence to how loved it has been for 7 years because of the love I have for the man who gave it to me. ❤️

Please don’t misunderstand.
Our lives aren’t without conflict.
We fuss and argue just like everyone else who lives in a house with another person.
I am stubborn and hard-headed, and so is he.
Yes, we argue…but we don’t stay that way.

When we were dating, we were at a church service where the preacher was talking about himself and his wife, and he said they made it 20-something years because they wanted to be together more than they wanted to be apart.

My hubs and I do not have perfect lives.
We don’t wake up like people in commercials.
We get crabby and ill.
We often need coffee before we can carry on conversations without getting aggravated.
We get cranky with each other and have to say we’re sorry.
We have these days like everyone else, but they don’t make up the majority of our lives.
In the end, we want to be together so much more than we want to be apart.

I hope on this Valentine’s Day, you’re able to say the same about your spouse.



2 thoughts on “A Valentine’s Memory

  1. That was a blessing, but also hilarious, because my first gift when Doug and I were courting was a valentine bear sprayed with his cologne! And later I gave him a hankie with my perfume, and whenever the other one need a “recharge”, we would fix it up and return it. It is wonderful to spend every day with your Valentine!!!!

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