The Wonderful, Ordinary Days

I love snow.
I know a lot of people hate it, but not me.
I love it.

I’ve been watching it snow pretty consistently since yesterday. (We’re up to 6+ inches now!)
Watching the snow fall and pile up and turn everything beautifully white.
To me, that’s what it is: beautiful.

Here in the South, we don’t see snow all that often (although I do see more since I moved to North Carolina than I did in Georgia).
Maybe that’s one reason why I love it so much: it’s rare.

If we have something all the time, it gets old.
“Here we go again.”
Things lose some magic and allure if they become too familiar.

It’s like that in many areas of our lives, isn’t it?
Things go from being new and shiny and wonderful in our eyes to old and dull and worthless.
A new toy is the favorite until it becomes scuffed, tattered, and broken.
A new car is the envy of the neighborhood until the “new car smell” is gone, the paint color begins to fade, and parts need repair.
We hate routine and crave spontaneity…until things change, and then we want routine.
We find ourselves easily dissatisfied.

It’s the rare things we love, because we can look forward to them and anticipate them (which is half the fun sometimes!), they arrive and are enjoyed…and then they’re gone.
Visits with old friends.

Although we love these rare days and often consider them “big” and “important,” in the large scheme of things, the most important days of our lives are the ones we consider “average” and “unimportant” at the time.
Looking back, the days that weren’t planned are the source of some of our best memories.

My husband and I live a simple life.
Sometimes I get antsy and bored.
I want things to change.
I look forward to the day things will change.
But some of our best days have happened right in the middle of our ordinary.

Our house is tiny and old, but it’s the place we share.
Our evenings are mostly spent on the couch, but we’re together.
Our interests are different, but we find a way to share them with each other.
We make each other laugh.
He holds me when I cry.
We tell each other, “I love you,” every single day.
And we mean it.

The big, rare “snow days” are wonderful and great…but it’s not the big, rare days that make up a life.
It’s the ordinary, everyday, little things that give memories that last a lifetime.

Appreciate the rare times.
They are worth enjoying and remembering.
But don’t be so focused on them that you lose sight of all the other days that matter.

Vacations are great, but so is coming home.
Fancy date nights are wonderful, but so are evenings snuggling on the couch.
I love the snow, but I also love the sun.
There’s nothing like the wonderful, ordinary days.



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