5 Years…and a Lifetime

Five years ago today, I married the man God made just for me.

He was born in December 1982 in Hendersonville, North Carolina.
I was born in September 1984 in Lithia Springs, Georgia.
He was saved at 21.
I was saved at 12.
He went to public school.
I went to Christian school.
He played football.
I played basketball.
He worked after school at an ice cream shop.
I worked after school as a tutor.
He had his dreams.
I had mine.
We both had our own plans and ideas and were going in different directions.
Had it not been for God orchestrating and directing our paths, we would never have met.

A few months after Justin was saved, God called him to preach. He felt the Lord leading him to a Bible college in Georgia where his brother and friend were attending.
I had big plans of going to a university, but God closed all those doors. I felt very distinctly that I should go to Georgia Baptist College. I wrestled with God over that because that wasn’t part of my plan. I eventually realized that was His will for me, and went gladly.
In the second semester of my sophomore year of college, Justin arrived.

It was not love at first sight for either one of us.
After about a year and a half of being friends, it started to grow into something a little more.
We spent time getting to know each other better while hanging out with our friends, and spent time praying about the will of God for our lives.

In January 2007, we officially became a couple.
In March, he told me he loved me.
In August, he proposed. 🙂

I had one year of college left, so we decided I would finish college, then we would get married.
The date was set for June 28, 2008.

I somehow managed to move back to my parents’ house, finish my classes, papers, etc. while planning a wedding.
I tried to enjoy my Graduation Day, but I must admit, my focus and excitement was directed more at our upcoming wedding!

I left Georgia with my sister the Monday before the wedding and came to get the last-minute stuff in order.
Of course, a lot went wrong.

The store ordered the wrong flowers for my bridesmaids’ bouquets.
Our rehearsal started an hour late because a huge storm came through and knocked down tree limbs and power lines, so we rehearsed by candlelight.
The power didn’t come back on until the next morning, so the cake didn’t get finished until the first of the guests started coming in the fellowship hall.
It was so, so, SO hot in that church, we were all dying. (Seriously. One of my bridesmaids almost passed out and had to sit down.)
All that stuff happened….and I couldn’t have cared less.
I knew that at the end of the day, I would be married and would get to leave with my husband.

Five years ago today, it was hot, but it was beautiful.
Our families were there, our friends were there….and God was there.
His presence was very evident in the service, and that was all we wanted.

Five years ago today, we were pronounced man and wife, and we had our first kiss… Not just our first kiss with each other, but our first kiss ever.
God was very gracious in keeping us both for one another.

So much has happened since that day.
In some ways, it feels like it was yesterday. In other ways, it feels like we have been married forever. (I mean that in a good way.) 🙂
Every day hasn’t been an easy one, but God has been faithful.
Things haven’t always gone according to plan, but I wouldn’t trade this life He’s given us for anything.

I didn’t think it was possible, but I’m more in love today than I was on this day five years ago…and I’m looking forward to spending the rest of our lives serving God together.
The day we were married wasn’t the end of our love story… It was only the beginning.







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