Standing Still

Have you ever felt stuck?

You are ready to move ahead and progress, and well, you just can’t.
Circumstances demand you remain stationary when everything in you is screaming to go forward. Not fun.

Some days, I just feel stuck.
I have in my mind the way I think things should go and what the next move should be, but it’s like my feet are buried in cement.
No matter how hard I pull or fight or cry, I’m not moving.

On those days, surrendering to God’s will is even more difficult.

Standing still has never been a strong suit of mine.
The mundane is my enemy.
I’m too quick to be discontented and dissatisfied.

All too often in my pursuit of the way I think things should be, I get ahead of God.
I want to move…but He says, “Stand still.”
I’m ready for things to change…but He says, “Wait.”

To be honest, I don’t like it when that happens.
I don’t like being told to wait.
When I was a child, I would rather hear a “no” from my parents than a “wait.”
I like definitive answers.
I do not like feeling like I’m in limbo, sitting there just twiddling my thumbs until I get an answer.

How often though is that the response we hear from our Heavenly Father…
“My child, just stand still. I’m not finished with you here just yet.”

Just like little children, we pitch a fit.

“God, I don’t like this! Why can’t things be different already?! Please? PLEEEEEEEASE?!”

No matter how many crocodile tears we shed or fits we pitch, we can’t change His mind or make Him go faster….and I’m glad.

Don’t get me wrong. It isn’t a fun experience, but it is a learning experience.
Patience is something we all need more of (as is learning we don’t always get our way.)
Who would want a God who would bend and cater to our every whim anyway?
I’m thankful my God holds my life in His hand, and He does whatsoever He wants….when He wants to do it.
He moves and works on His timetable, not mine.

Over and over again in the Scriptures we see God telling His people to stand still.
Over and over again in my heart, I hear God’s voice commanding my soul to stand still.
Wait for Him.
Just wait.
Is it not the same with you?

“God, I want that new job.”
“Stand still.”
“God, this car isn’t cutting it anymore. I need a new one.”
“God, I’m ready to get out of this house and buy a new one.”
“Stand still.”
“God, don’t you realize I’m ready to get married?!”
“God, everyone else is having children. Where are my babies?!”
“Stand still.”

If you’re anything like me, you almost despise those answers sometimes.
Please don’t.
It’s a good day in your life when you surrender your plans along with your heart.

As long as those times seem to feel, you aren’t alone.
Oh, sometimes you definitely feel alone, but you aren’t.
God is there to speak peace and He will help you to stand still.
On your own, it’s impossible.
We’re too antsy, too impatient.
But remember that with Christ, all things are possible….even waiting.

The next time you find yourself in this situation (or if you’re there now!), ask God to make this season of waiting profitable in your life.
Ask Him to help you grow closer to Him while you wait for an answer.
Ask Him to help you look at the others around you instead of at yourself.
While He has you in this place, ask Him for opportunities to encourage those around you who may be experiencing similar struggles.
Most of all, remember that there is a reason for God asking you to be patient.
Just keep your eyes on Jesus.
He’ll see you through, and in the end, when He is ready, your answer will come….and the waiting will have made it all the sweeter.


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