A Godly Example

Most women dread the thought of ever being told or realizing that they sound or act like their mother. She is the last thing in the world they would ever want to become.
Not me.
See, my mother is what I want to be when I grow up.

My mama is a very simple, practical lady.
She hates shopping (which I thoroughly enjoy).
She doesn’t like getting her hair done. (One of my all time favorite things to do!)
She doesn’t wear makeup. (I do.)
She hates wearing shoes. (On this point, I can relate.)
She loves gardening and canning. (She’s teaching me how to can!)
She is a wonderful cook. (She taught me well.) 🙂
She loves antiques.
She loves dogs.
She enjoys playing the piano and singing…which she’s completely awesome at, by the way.
She loves researching and talking about her family.

Aside from the piano playing and singing, there isn’t much else on this list that anyone would care about.
None of these things would make anyone stand up and take notice.

Of all the people who know and love my mother, I’d say there’s one thing about her that stands out above all the rest: everything she does, every single thing, she does for the glory of God.

That’s what her life is about.
That’s what she lives her life for.

As someone who has seen her life day in and day out, I can testify that she. is. real.
Her faith in Christ is real.
Her love for Him is real.
She desires more than anything to honor her Lord in all she does.

I watched her very carefully as I was growing up.
She is the one who instilled in me a desire to live a life pleasing to Christ.
She’s not a “serve God on Sunday morning” Christian.
She’s a “whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God” Christian.

She cares for people. She loves her family so, so much. Her desire is to show the love of Christ to everyone she comes into contact with.
And she does a good job.

She prays.
I’ve seen her sit in a rocking chair with her Bible in her lap, eyes tightly closed, tears streaming down her face until the top of her dress was soaked, praying to the God of Heaven.
Sometimes she was asking God to meet our needs.
Sometimes she was asking for salvation of someone she loved dearly.
Sometimes she was asking for grace to deal with a specific trial.

But mostly, I remember her worshipping.

I remember listening as she thanked God for all He had done for her.
Her salvation, her family, her copy of the Bible, her church, the peace of God that passes understanding….
And I remember her thanking Him for who He is.
The Alpha, Omega.
The Beginning and the End.
The I AM who led and protected His people….who continues to lead and protect her.

My mother is a rarity. Her life reflects what her words profess.

I guess this is one of those times when her children rise up and call her blessed… Although, I definitely am blessed myself to have this precious gift as my mother.

If The Lord ever allows me to become a mother, I have certainly had a Godly example as to what I should be…. And my children will be blessed to have such a wonderful grandmother.


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