Peace Like a River

It’s quiet around my house today.
Of course, there is the hum of the refrigerator, the passing sound of a loud engine down on the road, and the occasional bark from our coon dog who has spotted a squirrel, but other than that…it is quiet.

I thoroughly enjoy quiet days. In the midst of our busy lives, they are extremely rare, so I capitalize on the opportunity when one presents itself.
It’s in these times when things are calm and still, when I get calm and still, that I can hear the voice of the Lord more clearly.

The day actually began with a rebuke.
I was reading my devotional chapter for the day, and the Lord used it to confront me over my self-reliance and independence.
Here’s what it said:

“Our eyes are so dimmed by earth’s fogs and shadows that we cannot see clearly enough to distinguish good from evil and if left to ourselves, might embrace a curse rather than a blessing. Poor mortals that we are, it is well for us that our Master should choose our trials for us, even though to our imperfect vision He seems sometimes to have appointed a hard thing.
“It is in absolute and loving surrender to the will of the Lord that the secret of true rest and peace is found. I should joyfully meet and welcome it, well knowing that Thy love to me could only send a message of peace, however dark might be the envelope which enwrapped it.”

How true this is in my life! If a curse from this world was wrapped in a pretty package covered with ribbons and bows, and a blessing from my Lord was wrapped in plain brown paper, my flesh would choose the attractively wrapped package, with little to no thought whatsoever! What a mess I would make!

As a wife, I rely on my husband to make decisions based on what is best for me…and I have complete trust in him that he will do just that.
I don’t sit around worrying and wondering if he’ll do something to hurt or harm me.
I don’t even think about it, because I trust him.
If I completely trust my husband, who is just a man, to do what is best for me, how much more should I trust The Lord?!

I love that statement. “It is well for us that our Master should choose our trials for us…”
Those three small words have the power to ease and calm my soul:
It is well.
That’s all I need to hear.
Just that gentle reminder, “Don’t worry. Don’t fret. Don’t be troubled. It is well.”

Knowing that my Father has my situations, my circumstances, my life in the palm of His hand causes that peace that passes understanding to flood my soul like a river that cannot be stopped.

You may not have the opportunity for a day of calm and quiet, but please take some time today to calm your heart before the Lord and let His peace flow like a river into your soul.


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